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Earth to Clark is a Wisconsin based group whose sound incorporates a distinctive blend of funk, party rock, reggae and hip hop. Fueled by passion and community, Earth to Clark brings awareness to social issues in our communities and confronts personal challenges that many can relate to. The variation in the personal experiences and influences of each of the band members contributes to the diversity of Earth to Clark’s style and genre. Earth to Clark delivers a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of listeners.

Earth to Clark has opened for bands such as Jon Wayne and The Pain, The Wailers, Tribal Seeds, Satsang, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, E.N. Young, Dustin Thomas, Tubby Love, New Reb and Chances R Good. They have played multiple festivals including Shangri-La, Project Earth, People Fest, Galactic Get-Down, Tribal Vision, Ragged Roots and many more.


They are partners in Vibe High Music and Arts Festival, headlining the event. A community festival held annually in Southern Wisconsin.  

Their debut album, The Giving Tree was released on March 31st, 2017. Their sophomore album “Growing Pains”, is set to release this spring.


Management - Adam Gasser -

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