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Jah Sun & The Rising Tide - No Profit In Peace [Official Video 2021]
⏩ SUBSCRIBE ✅ Log on 🔔 GET NOTIFIED about new videos! Stream on your favorite platform: Tour Dates: “No Profit In Peace” is a song that reflects on the deep and destructive forces behind the for profit wars fought around the globe. Jah Sun elaborates, “No Profit in Peace holds a great deal of meaning to us as a band. As we reflect on the endless wars we’ve experienced just in our lifetime, one thing is very clear, there is no profit in peace.” He passionately adds, “While this may be a bit of a dark departure from some of our more upbeat songs, this song fits into our catalog of work in that it helps us and our fans work through the troubling world we live in. In order to feed the military-industrial complex, the wealthy wage war in distant lands. It destroys our selfless, idealistic youth who go to fight for a flag. While the wealthy get wealthier from blood money, foreign lands are devastated and the refugee crisis grows. It’s a heavy topic, but the only way to fight darkness is to bring it into the light. And what better way to bring awareness to it than through our music?” The single was produced with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo "Dub MatriXx,” who collaborated to spread the message of positivity and love through uplifting sounds. Follow Jah Sun & The Rising Tide #ReggaevilleVideoPremiere #MaadSickReggaeville #Reggaeville
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