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Stemming from the beach areas of Los Angeles, Tomorrows Bad Seeds (TBS) has grown from a mere idea in 1996 to the reggae-punk musical conglomeration they are today. The concept of this ‘PunkRasta’ collision originated from graffiti artist mutual friends of founding members Mathew “Mets” McEwan and Moises Juarez, paving the way for the band to form throughout the early millennium years. By 2003, Tomorrows Bad Seeds had solidified in the shape of a four piece, churning out their debut album Early Prayers off the independent label UrbanTone Records by 2007. With the aid of novel music streaming services paired with a magnetic live show, Tomorrows Bad Seeds escalated quickly, standing at the bleeding edge of the emerging reggae rock scene beside the likes of Slightly Stoopid, Iration, Rebelution and so many others.


By 2009, TBS was found back at the studio to record their sophomore album Sacred For Sale after Pat Salmon replaced their initial drummer — a switch that persists a decade later. The album’s May 2010 release landed the band a last minute spot on Vans’ 2010 Warped Tour for the summer, not to mention a co-headlining tour with east coast reggae rock sensations Passafire. After touring extensively, TBS closed down the year with a New Year’s Eve headlining show at BriXton in Redondo Beach, celebrating landing the Commercial Success Award at the Los Angeles Music Awards after reaching over 150,000 downloads amid other industry recognitions.


The following year brought with it even more success for TBS, who were busy releasing their first music videos and being invited to perform for an episode of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Singles climbed the charts and shows sold out, especially around southern California areas. Switching up their sound was the main focus for their third album, The Great Escape, to reflect their shifting attitude towards the music industry. Wholly independent, TBS forged onward, carrying their unique sound ever without the aid of a major label.

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