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Brought together by a combination of cosmic coincidences and a shared love for the musical unknown, Lush Honey is a 4-piece fusion ensemble that has hailed from the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts since 2016. Drawing from different backgrounds and an array of influences, Lush Honey combines massive riffs, deep-space grooves, and soaring soulful hooks into their own brand of gooey sonic gold.


Live performances, each their own unique experience, feature relentless momentum and cunning improvisations woven spontaneously through tight original arrangements. December 2018 saw the release of "APOLLO", Lush Honey's debut full-length album, followed by over a year of shows in dozens of cities during which they continued to hone their lush, evocative sound and push the boundaries of their exploratory jams. A little over 2 years later, on the first day of January 2021, the group released their second effort, the searing EP "BOLD CLAIM". Available on streaming platforms far and wide, the new collection of songs showcases the signature melding foundation of progressive rock and psychedelic soul on which the band continues to build their frenetic and ever-evolving live experience.


Clocking in with well over 100 unique shows throughout the Northeast - including having shared stages with varied and seasoned performers like Marco Benevento, Andy Frasco & The U.N, West End Blend, Moon Hooch and countless others - Lush Honey is breaking new aural ground and developing a supportive fanbase at every turn.


Management - Zach Gregory

Booking - Justin Hoy


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