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Omari Banks


Born and raised on the beautiful island of Anguilla, Omari Banks found his musical calling at a young age when he first took the stage in Milan, Italy to sing alongside his father Bankie Banx . The emotions conveyed through music touched his heart and a star was born.

Founding his inspiration through an eclectic genre of music, Omari went on to perfect his craft by writing and becoming a proficient guitar player. The budding star went on to win multiple talent shows but as a teenager turned his attention to the sport of Cricket, where he excelled first locally, then regionally and ultimately on the world stage. Omari Banks became the first Anguillan to play test cricket for the West Indies. In 2010, Omari made the decision to move on and pursue his passion for music. With a lifetime of experiences and life lessons, he immersed himself in songwriting and perfecting his musicianship. He dedicated himself to his music and created his debut album, “Move On” recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and Houston, Texas.

With a simple musical mission, to spread messages of love and
consciousness, his assimilation of traditional Jamaican Reggae music,
accentuated with Rock and Blues backbeats, is an adult contemporary fusion that blends seamlessly with Lovers Rock and R ‘n’ B. Omari has to date also released hit filled albums as such as “Move On Deluxe Edition” and & Sunlight with both paired with a compilation of music videos with the hopes of reaching a bigger audience through a more global approach.

This bold global approach is a testament to Omari’s drive and determination, despite the dawning of a musical journey that has only just begun.” I want to use the gifts I’ve been blessed with to have a positive influence on people. I can communicate to all levels of thinking from a child to an adult and my music is ageless and really touches lives because the stories are true and talk about what’s really going on.”

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