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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

“What’s unique about Jah Sun’s sound is his lyrical virtuosity, along with precise arrangements and an

abundance of charisma that affects his music with a palpable energy…” - Huffington Post

Jah Sun & The Rising Tide are proud to announce “Rock Paper Scissors,” the first single from their

upcoming album Running Through Walls, due out this Summer. The single drops May 14, 2021 and

will be accompanied by a vibrant video filmed on location in Goa, India. The band will be on tour

starting in May to showcase music from the upcoming release. Full tour dates below.

“Rock Paper Scissors” is a song about the games we play when we’re in love. Everyone can relate to

the confusion when we fall for someone. The song is about the ups and downs of love. Like love, it has

an intoxicating vibe that oddly makes you feel good even though you might be hurting. Jah Sun

elaborates, “The song title and lyrics throughout are a fun play on words to what would otherwise be a

sad love story. We’ve all had someone play with our heart - and it especially hurts when we’ve fallen

for them. Rock Paper Scissors is that song, but with our positive, feel good spin on it.” He adds, “It

takes the pain of love and turns it into a playful song with clever lyrics. The music takes the mind off

the pain and lets it heal as the body grooves to the music. It’s special because it will help people get

past heartbreak and who knows - find someone new to vibe with!” The single was produced with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo "Dub MatriXx,” who collaborated to spread the message of

positivity and love through uplifting sounds.

The single has a strong connection to Goa, India, where Jah Sun performed in early 2020. It was

recorded at ATM Studios and the music video filmed on location in Goa India by Seen Productions.

The Rising Tide features lead vocalist/singer songwriter Jah Sun, Tony Thompson on guitar, Lexington

Mainard on keys, Beau "Arrow" Sheppard on bass/harmonies, Nick "Kirbz" Kirby on

drums/harmonies, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Omar “Jallanzo” Johnson.

Combined, these musicians form Jah Sun and The Rising Tide. Through their music, these artists are

spreading waves of positivity, love, and respect in the hopes of awaking in their audience a desire to

live to their ultimate potential. Look out for another single dropping June 25th before the full album

release and don’t miss the opportunity to catch them at a city near you. Watch the tour teaser here.

Jah Sun & The Rising Tide will be releasing their album through their new record deal with AMT

Entertainment and also signed for booking and management with Hip Joint Creative.

At AMT Entertainment our goal is to discover talent and foster creativity for independent musicians

and artists both nationally and internationally. Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern

Oregon, our team and facilities create the perfect environment for musicians and artists to feel

inspired and experience the “magic” that all artists long to create.


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