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Jhemel Fraser was born on 5th January 1981, and with the guidance of his grandparents, parents and extended family he grew in love and knowledge. Through regular visits to Accompong Town as a child, he discovered for himself the history and culture of the maroons. His parent’s home in Greenwich Town was alive with the culture and livity of Rastafari; the spirituality and social commentary of the music that was made by his father, the preparation of Ital food, and the book shelves filled with many books of importance to Black people.

In 1988, at the tender age of seven, he made his stage debut with his father, reggae great, Phillip Fraser called him up on the stage at the Fort Clarence beach in Portmore. The crowd were very taken with young  Jhemel and today Ras Fraser Jr. recalls that, ‘It feels like it all happened just yesterday.’  ------ READ MORE

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