Spunj is a high energy, multi-genre' d fusion four piece based out of Eugene, Oregon. Using their diverse musical backgrounds and tastes,

Spunj sets to make their live shows not just a musical performance, but an experience. In less than a year, they have worked their way from house parties, to bar gigs, to the Pacific North West festival circuit, playing with the likes of Jah Sun, The Dubtonic Kru, Prezident Brown, amongst other PNW giants.


With goofy antics and high audience participation, Spunj quickly grew a following and devoted fan base. Their catchy songwriting and "pop" sensibilities sets them apart from a lot of bands in the Jam Scene, and has allowed them to truly cultivate their own sound.

In the summer of 2019, Spunj ran a Kickstarter to help fund the "Spunj" EP and within less than a week, fans from all over poured in their support and the entire goal was reached, releasing their EP on October 1st, 2019. Spunj is set to take over the west coast, touring with their hard hitting grooves and face-melting solo's. So come see a show near you and get absorbed!

Management: Sage McCommas

Talent Representative:  Justin Hoy